Our Story

In 2012, Ashley DiFelice founded Twist of Fate Farm & Sanctuary in West Grove, Pennsylvania. What began as a small rescue operation has now blossomed into into a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for 80+ animals, from chickens, to horses, to goats. Until 2018, when the Sanctuary officially received its 501(c)(3) designation, the Sanctuary operated solely on funds from family, friends, and a growing supporter base of social media followers. It is the hope that with its new non-profit status, the Sanctuary will be able to collaborate with other individuals, groups, and foundations to sustain and expand its work.


The mission of Twist of Fate Farm & Sanctuary is to rescue horses and farmed animals from slaughter and neglect, and to protect them for life, either by finding approved adoptive homes, or by providing sanctuary at the Farm for the unadoptable.

We also hope to educate the public and advocated for farmed animals by sharing information about the reality of slaughter houses and factory farming to promote compassion for all living beings and a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Our Mission